Naked & Uncut Estonia: Meet the sexy host Marina Valmont!

Marina Valmont exudes boundless energy and loves to be in front of the camera. During her college years, she delved into Travel and Tourism, yet it was her passion for modeling that opened doors worldwide. She lived in cities like New York, Las Vegas, and San Francisco, pursuing both modeling and dance.

Marina Valmont has graced calendars, car expos, and even been a body-painting subject at the Playboy Mansion. She’s also made her mark in pageants and boxing event intermissions. With roots in Russia and France, her allure goes beyond her looks. Marina Valmont holds a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do and is well-equipped to defend herself if necessary.

Read her full interview below and discover more about Marina Valmont!

How did you get into the industry?

That’s always a favorite question of mine. When I interview people, I’d love to find out how they got into the industry. But for me, in particular, when I started modeling, I was doing car shows and promo modeling, and I wasn’t too sure about doing nudity. Naked News asked me to audition, and the first few times they asked, I said no. I was just nervous, I guess. But it was Eila Adams who convinced me. She’s really good at convincing, so when she asked me, I went in to audition, and it turned out that the audience loved me. I quickly became a Fan favorite, so that’s how I got my start in the industry.

I also have experience exotic dancing, which I really love. I love performing in front of a live crowd, and I love the feedback! I’m a true exhibitionist at heart.

Do your friends/family know that you are an adult content creator?

Well, that’s a yes and no. All of my closest friends know, and my family… Well, it’s just me and my mom. She knows I’m a naked person, she knows I’m a nudist, and I think she suspects, but we don’t talk about it. It’s a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

She is very proud of me. I make sure to send her all my clothed modeling pictures, and she’s very happy; she shares them with all her friends. I don’t know how she would act or respond if she knew about this. I’m kind of waiting until the day that I am a household name. I know I’m on Naked News, but I want to be an international household name before I fully tell her what I do because then I can be like, “Look, Mom, I am an adult performer, but I’m at the top of my game. Look at this: I’m a household name!”

What would you consider as your best asset / part of your body? 

My personality, my confidence, my kindness, my exuberance can win anyone over, but what you really wanted to know, which part of my body I like the most. I’m gonna stand up and tell you! It’s my booty and my hips, but I am gonna go with hips right now because I have this itty-bitty waist, and it just flares out! Yeah, I’m all hippie! You can’t really see it right now, but you will in person.

What would you like people to know about you that would shock them?

I am pansexual and I love orgies! I’m in the lifestyle. I just love love and the expression of it. I don’t find that shocking but I think some people might. It depends who you are and your beliefs!

What can we expect from your LIVE shows while at WarehouseX? 

I’m glad you asked! You’re gonna see the most explicit live stream content from me that you’ve ever seen. I will save all my spicy content for pay-per-view clipstore material but I’m gonna be part of the joie de vivre. I’m gonna be so in the moments in Estonia that I’m gonna get carried away and just be part of the experience! I have planned a cum race with Eila Adams and Cecelia Sommer but I want to expand it to anyone that wants to participate! We have vibrators and we’re gonna see if we can who can cum the fastest. I think there should be a prize for the fastest cum and the longest too!

What is on your sexual bucket list and what do you hope to cross off while in Estonia?

This is my favorite question. I have slept with two ladies at the same time but you know how I love orgies: The more the merrier! I want to see how many ladies we could get involved! Have you ever seen a human centipede? I want to do a sexual human centipede where we’re all lined up and we’re just all eating each other, playing with each other…

What’s the best advice for feeling confident in your sexuality and body?

I’m just so confident that it comes naturally to me, but I guess years ago growing up, it was something that I had to work on. The best way to be confident is to not care what other people think. I care about what my friends think, I care about what my family thinks, but a troll on the internet… That’s just something that will ruin your day if you focus on that.

So, being naked and embracing it (I’m also a nudist), that definitely helped me. Because in the nudist community, all body types, all ages, all races, everything is acceptable and beautiful. I’ve never felt so accepted. I have the people give me the most eye contact when I’m nude at a nudist colony. It’s amazing. But, yeah, just be comfortable in your own skin and try being naked as much as you can!

We all have our bad days on a bad day when you don’t feel as confident how do you overcome it and forge on.

I suffer from depression and anxiety, and there are some days that I don’t want to get out of bed. I know you wouldn’t think of it because I seem so extroverted and confident. I’m actually an introvert, but I give myself a little pep talk and even offer myself a reward. Afterward, I’m like, “You know what? You’re gonna have a shower, you’re going to start getting ready, you’re going to put music on, maybe you’re gonna have like a little snack, a little treat.” So, I just kind of trick myself into the moment – fake it till you make it!

But there’s nothing that Doja Cat doesn’t cure, so just throw on any song of hers, start vibing and dancing, and you’re gonna feel sexy, trust me.

What’s the wildest adventure you have had? Tell us the juicy details.

I’ve been to a little resort in Negril, Jamaica called hedonism and it’s truly hedonistic. You can have sex in public there, they have a sex room and it’s just phenomenal. Basically you can be naked anywhere except in the dining area, and you can have sex anywhere!

I’ve had a lot of adventures there. Now that I’m thinking about it, I’ve hooked up with a celebrity and I had a threesome with him. I can’t tell you who he is but I’m a big cosplayer so the fact that he was a superhero, really got me going and the experience was amazing and he did not cum faster than a speeding bullet!

You only have 3 things you can pack and clothes are not an option… What are you bringing?

My toothbrush, my makeup because I always want to be camera ready and some hair products. I’m curious to see what everyone else will say. I’m going for vanity here because I like to look good on camera!

Marina Valmont, an avid adventurer and travel enthusiast, has been on a mission to bring the wonders of Estonia to the world! Soon, everyone will have the chance to explore the naughty stories and exciting adventures that Tallinn has to offer, thanks to her passion for sharing this hidden gem with the world!

Naked & Uncut Estonia is starting soon! Brace yourself and get ready for a new level of excitement thanks to the amazing Marina Valmont!

Stay tuned for our new posts and… Have a tempting day!

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