How to become a Temptation of Success!

If you’ve just arrived in Tempted and are eager to embark on a journey towards success, make sure to read this article through to the very end. I’ll guide you through each step on the path to becoming a Temptation of Success!

You have only one chance to make a good first impression

I’m pretty sure you’ve hit the stores for a shopping spree more than a few times, right? And let’s be real, the first thing that grabs your attention is usually the flashy shop window. An empty or dull display? Nah, not intriguing at all. But, oh boy, when you stumble upon a well-tended, eye-catching window with a bunch of cool stuff that you’re into – that’s when you can’t resist walking in and loading up your bags.

Guess what? Your online Profile works in a similar way. Think of it as your digital storefront, but with content instead of goodies. Here’s the kicker: You’ve got just one shot at nailing that first impression, ’cause if you don’t wow your followers the first time around, they might not stick around for an encore. So, get that window dressed up, make it pop, and give them a reason to come back for more!

Don’t wait for your Fans to create content!

It’s actually the other way around. Converting your Fans happens when your Profile is on point. When they see a bunch of awesome Galleries and Videos waiting for them, plus catch you doing live shows regularly, that’s when the real connection forms. Imagine this: Would you sign up for Netflix or HBO if they only had one movie and were crossing their fingers for more subscribers before adding anything else? Yeah, didn’t think so. Your Fans want excitement and a whole bunch of stuff to enjoy before they go all-in.

Let’s start with your Profile

If you’re yet to set up your account or it’s still pending verification, keep in mind that your first task is to cover the essential steps for our approval process. Here at Tempted, we take our commitment to delivering top-notch content to both Temptations and Fans seriously. That’s why we steer clear of approving empty Profiles.

Marina Valmont, our alluring Creative Producer and one of our key Temptations, spills the beans in this video on how to go about sprucing up your Profile:

Marina Valmont

Your Profile is ready… Now what?

Now that your Profile is good to go, it’s time to dive into promotion mode. Toss your Tempted Profile link into your main social network bios or link trees. Capitalize on Instagram Stories to announce your Live Shows and fresh content drops. Craft posts that spread the word about where you can be found. And hey, don’t forget to set up that auto-tweet on Tempted to give your followers a heads-up when you’re going live. Got more channels? Awesome! The more you put into promotion, the better your chances of conversion!

We will help you with a kickoff!

You aren’t alone in this adventure: We are here to help you becoming a Success Temptation. Your success is our success so we put all of our means at your fingertips to help you:

  • Ping us on Instagram when your Profile’s set – we’ll give you a shoutout to kick things off!
  • Got Live Show plans? Share your shows in the Live Schedule section and I’ll help spread the word.
  • Want to grace our Blog? We’re crafting an article that spills the tea your new fans are itching to sip!
  • One of the most significant distinctions between Temptations and content creators is our sense of community. We operate as a collective. When you follow other Temptations on social media and give them a shoutout to your audience, they’re likely to do the same for you. Additionally, you can reach out to those who share your interests, invite them to connect on Tempted, and even co-host virtual broadcasts using our Virtual Party Show Feature. Fans are truly enthusiastic about this innovative tool!
  • Stay keen on our Special Events – hop in, get active, and we’ll shout you out to our massive fan base!

We have many ideas and resources to continue helping you and just for being a Temptation you have free access to all of them once your Profile is verified. Make sure to visit our Tempted Academy periodically and start to be successful! Take the leap from content creator to Temptation now and change your life!

Stay tuned for our new posts and… Have a tempting day!

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