Tempting Discovery: Frankie Kennedy

Country girls are bubbly, bright, strong-willed, fun, and down-to-earth. Just like Frankie Kennedy: She grew up in rural Ontario on a dairy farm, but she knew that life would hold great things for her: She was destined to be in the spotlight.

Do you love contact with nature? Are you a fan of the countryside and rural life, but crave new and sparkling experiences? Read more about Frankie: An adventurous, outgoing gal!

Frankie Kennedy

How does it feel to be a real country girl?

Being a country girl is great: You get to be in touch with nature, observe its every detail and escape the chaos of city life! And there is nothing better than doing it by taking off your clothes and forgetting all your worries!

If we had to find two words to describe Frankie, we would undoubtedly say she is a sporty sweetheart! Frankie loves to play sports and take care of her body. Her Fans love more than anything to see the results of her workouts. When she’s not busy preparing her next Live Shows, she likes taking time for herself and spending her days in the mountains hiking or exploring! Spending time outdoors may be better than you think. Walking through nature and breathing clean air helps us to relax and get away from the stress of our daily routine. Would you like to join Frankie?

The sporty sweetheart Temptation!

Frankie is one of Tempted’s most beloved Temptations: She loves her body, her freedom, and interacting with her Fans. That’s why she immediately accepted to be part of the Tempted calendar, a chance to be together with the other girls and lay herself completely bare. How does it feel to pose nude for a photoshoot? Do you need some input to get started?

  • Imagination, on poses, is essential. Don’t limit yourself to standard positions but invent and above all use everything you find near you. Whether it’s a window, a sofa, a table, a doorframe, try to draw the poses always differently. 
  • Be confident, that’s all that matters. Being in front of the camera and posing will help you feel more self-assured with your body: Those who look at your shots will notice! Remember to always smile, your happiness will win over those who look at you!
  • Have respect for yourself and who you are: Don’t hide but show yourself proudly and stop being too critical of yourself because these are fears that live only in your head. You are beautiful as you are!

You have to meet Frankie Kennedy!

She’s seriously the life of the party, and you can’t help but smile when she’s around. Like, her energy is just off the charts, and she’s always bubbly and cheerful, no matter what’s going on. It’s contagious, man!

And let me tell ya, she’s got this spicy side too. She’s not afraid to speak her mind and stand up for what she believes in. You gotta admire her confidence and fearlessness. It’s like she adds a dash of excitement to everything she does. She’s constantly on the lookout for new adventures, and you can bet she’ll be the one leading the charge when it comes to trying something new. She’s the kind of person you wanna be around, ’cause she just makes everything better.

If you ever get the chance to hang out with her, consider yourself lucky, ’cause it’s gonna be a blast! Whether you are a content creator or a Temptation who wants to succeed on Tempted or if you are a Fan looking for new experiencesโ€ฆ We recommend that you follow Frankie Kennedy!

Stay tuned for our new posts andโ€ฆ Have a tempting day!

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