Your 2022 Tempted Horoscope is here!

We know that 2021 has not been an easy year, but we have worked hard to make your experience on Tempted even more memorable. As you know, this year we’ve launched a lot of new features to help you reach more Fans, meet new Temptations etcโ€ฆ We couldn’t be happier! And what awaits you in 2022? Find out with our Tempted Horoscope!

Aries: You were born with a passionate, fast-paced character and only big buzzing cities move as fast as you do. A year full of travel awaits you! I see sea, sun and lots of relaxation in your future. Your Fans will surely miss you, but don’t worry. Remember that you can schedule your content in advance and still enjoy your holidays!

Taurus: In 2022 I expect your number of Fans to increase significantly. But not only that! Your number of Followers will also grow by the day! In fact, thanks to our Follow For Free, people who follow you on other Social Media will also be able to follow you on Tempted! They will receive all your Broadcast Messages and your Show Start Alerts so make sure to treat them well.

Gemini: You are highly competent and we know that you can quickly persuade others to accept your own thoughts and beliefs. So why don’t you introduce Tempted to your Content Creator friends as well? You can join our Referral Program and earn 5% of their income for lifeโ€ฆ He who finds a friend finds a treasure, but he who finds a gemini, finds it in the truest sense of the word!

Cancer: In 2022, get rid of those who want you to hurt you! When you surround yourself with the wrong people we know that it can be difficult to get away from them. On Tempted, however, it is very easy! Remember that from now on, you can remove Friends from your Friends List. I wish life were that simple!

Leo: We know how much you love to go out and have fun, even if it was only possible in a limited way this year. But for 2022, we plan a lot of partying and opportunities to be with friends. And if they live far away, invite them to Tempted and organize a Virtual Party Show! Your Fans will be happy to meet those around you and you can keep the fun going!

Virgo: Those born under this sign are excellent at work because they are precise, methodical, efficient and ingenious. We know that you take Tempted very seriously and if you continue like this, you will see the fruits of your labour in 2022. Remember that if you have any questions, you can always consult our Tempted Academy: it will help you achieve the success you deserve.

Libra: They know how to behave appropriately when dealing with other people, love simple things and a pragmatic approach to solving problems. A flaw? They are not very consistent in what they do. In 2022, we want Tempted to become your reference point. Thanks to New Onboarding, getting started is easier than ever. Just the way you like it!

Scorpio: The sign of Scorpio has always been associated with the occult and mystery. This makes it tremendously fascinating to the human eye. We know how secretive you are, but remember that your Fans can’t wait to find out everything about you. In 2022, don’t forget to share your secrets with your Fans, so that they can keep them forever with the Private Shared Content!

Sagittarius: Sagittarius horoscope forecasts predict that this year will be very good from an economic and financial point of view and we can only be happy about that. Take advantage of our Clip Store to upload your own exclusive content. They will help you make this prediction even more accurate!

Capricorn: The spirituality you will experience this year will help you to make new discoveries and great changes in your life. The first step was to become a Temptation but do you still feel lost? Remember that our Tempted Blog is full of tips and news to help you live this experience to the fullest!

Aquarius: Work will be central to your life this year, that is, it will be a very important year for your professional life. On Tempted, we help you succeed with our Special Promotional Campaigns: Would you like to be interviewed on our weekly IG Live? Or do you want to reach more Fans? We help you to shine not only in 2022 but also in the years to come.

Pisces: According to Horoscope 2022 you will be very happy this year even though you tend to be people who worry easily and always think that something must go wrong in their lives. And there’s no better way than letting all Fans know about it using our Broadcast Messages! Keep them updated throughout 2022!

And what does our horoscope predict for 2022? To continue to work for you, develop new features and help you make the leap from Content Creator to Temptation! For next year and the years to come.

Have a tempting 2022,

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