Tempting Discovery: Louise Bordeaux

Diamonds are often touted as a girl’s best friend, but for Louise Bordeaux, happiness thrives in video games and a joystick’s embrace. Nerdy girls like her possess a refreshing uniqueness in their pursuits, style, and leisure. Louise, a prime example, radiates this essence. In an interview with Marina Valmont, she donned a ‘Game Over’ tee – a fitting choice, as her allure seems unbeatable. Her beauty and captivating blue eyes conspire to enchant. Unacquainted with her? Let me introduce our cherished nerdy Temptation.

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Louise and her desire of freedom!

Louise Bordeaux, hailing from Guelph, Ontario, is a true gamer at heart. While studying psychology at university, she found herself drawn to a more adventurous path. That’s when she embraced the world of CamGirls, a challenging realm requiring camera confidence, audience insight, and a competitive spirit. CamGirl fans seek genuine interaction, going beyond passive watching to connect personally. For Louise, this career choice meant expressing herself without constraints. As one of Tempted‘s pioneering figures, she embodies allure, intelligence, and a charming nerdy flair.

Cosplay, video games and more!

Her fervor for Cosplay goes beyond the surface. Cosplay isn’t just about costumes; it’s a joyful escape, a realm where characters’ stories intertwine with personal expression. “Cosplay is a beautiful mix of fun, freedom, and pure happiness,” Louise describes. It’s a chance to step into the shoes of beloved characters, living their tales and traits.

“It’s more than just clothing; it’s becoming the heart of a character,” she adds. Each character embodies a different facet of creativity – from powerful heroines to enchanting fairies. It’s an opportunity to detach from everyday worries and briefly become someone entirely new.

Mastering Cosplay involves meticulous character study and careful costume crafting, a commitment that involves time and dedication. Seeking guidance? She is your go-to. With her deep Cosplay passion, she’s graced conventions, embodying diverse characters with stunning accuracy.

If you’re seeking a gaming partner who shares your zeal, Louise fits the bill perfectly. She epitomizes the shift in gaming culture, where passion transcends gender norms. As intellect takes the spotlight, Louise stands proudly as a smart, captivating Nerd Girl – an embodiment of modern allure.

Louise joins our Breath-Taking Tempted Calendar

Being a Temptation, she enthusiastically joined our Tempted Calendar initiative. She shared her thoughts on being part of this project, emphasizing its significance in expanding her presence and connecting with her FanBase. For Louise, the calendar represents more than just a collection of images; it’s a chance to forge deeper connections with fellow Temptations, fostering camaraderie and understanding.

What are Louise‘s tips for posing best for a Tempted Calendar?

  • When taking a sensual photo, the best thing is to wear something that makes you feel comfortable. Accessories make the photo more personal and provocative. Louise likes to wear tennis shoes, socks or a hat. They are innocent accessories, but the mischievous interpretation makes them even sexier.
  • Always choose a pose you feel okay with, whether standing, lying on your side or with your back to the camera. Always try to bring out your shape and show off only the best of you – your Fans will surely appreciate that!
  • The pose, the play of light, the blending of the body with the surroundings are all aspects that need to be studied carefully. When preparing for your shoot, always try to adapt your poses to your surroundings. You can’t go wrong and your fans will love the end result.

Whether you are a content creator or a Temptation who wants to succeed on Tempted or if you are a Fan looking for new experiences… We recommend that you follow Louise Bordeaux! She is fun, amazing and we love her “Sexy Nerdy” Live Shows!

Stay tuned for our new posts and… Have a tempting day!

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