Tempting Discovery: Shannon Blake

Sylvan Creature: If I had to sum up Shannon Blake in two words, we’d use those. As you know, the beauty of Tempted lies in the fact that we can find infinite kinds of Temptations: There are those who are more timid, those who are more wild, etc.. The special thing about Shannon is that she is a sweet soul, who will make you fall in love with her because of her delicacy and elegance. We’ll tell you more in this latest blog post!

Learn more about Shannon Blake!

The first thing you need to know about her is that she is a certified yoga teacher. When she has some free time, she loves to dedicate herself to this activity, even better if she can involve her Fans too! Doing yoga allows her to relax, get away from the daily routine and most of all to be in touch with nature. Now do you understand why we said that she is a sylvan creature?

Of course, Shannon often likes to feel 100% free and takes advantage of the great outdoors to do yoga without her clothes on! Well-crafted naked yoga practices remove any sense of restriction, promoting a greater sense of freedom, confidence, and an enhanced appreciation for the body. Feeling good psychologically is a powerful immune-booster, and everyone knows that when we feel better mentally, we feel better physically as well. 

Shannon Blake

When she’s not busy in the Naked News studio, she loves to take the first flight to Costa Rica and relax there as soon as she can. Is there anything better than escaping the big city and laying on a beautiful Caribbean beach sipping on fresh juice?

Whether you’re looking for adventure, family-friendly activities, good food, or luxurious hotels, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Costa Rica. This beautiful country, filled with rainforests, beaches, river valleys, and biodiverse wildlife as well as restaurants, bars, and luxe hotels, has always been a great place to take a vacation, but it has gained popularity as an amazing destination in the last few years. If you decide to book your vacation there, you might even meet Shannon! One more reason to go there!

What are Shannon’s favorite Live Shows?

As we mentioned earlier, Shannon feels very comfortable when she can practice Naked Yoga…. This is a great idea of Live Shows that helps her to interact with her Fans. Looking at her photos, we can admire her extraordinary physique. Obviously it is the result of intense training but also of a healthy diet. We often find Shannon in the kitchen, preparing dishes that are 100% plant-based. If you want to get closer to a vegetarian cuisine with a spicy touch, then you can’t miss her Cooking Live Shows!

Shannon Blake

Shannon also has a siren’s voice: she can bewitch and bewitch anyone. Watch out because you might get trapped! When she gets the chance, she loves to sing and dance, even better if to the notes of Lady Gaga’s songs! She loves her so much, she’s paid homage to the singer with some very sexy body art. We understand that kind of devotion, because we’re “GAGA” for Shannon!

Have you ever attended any of Shannon’s Live Shows? If not, then now is the time to get started! Before you start, do you need any secrets to win her over? Say sweet things to her and you’ll win over her heart!

Shannon and the new Tempted Calendar

Shannon, like the other Temptations, also enthusiastically agreed to participate in the Tempted Calendar. Of course, she brought her own personal touch here as well, adding sweetness and harmony to the pages of this calendar. What were her tricks for posing in front of the lens?

  • Strike a pose

Stand up straight, push out your chest and strike a pose! Get used to placing one hand on your hip. Women should feel comfortable putting one hand on the hip – it might feel funny at first, like a superstar, but there’s a reason they do this! Putting a hand on your hip, creates space between your hand and body, making you look slimmer. Also turn slightly sideways and push the elbow back – try this out in front of the mirror and you will see where the slimmest look appears.

  • Select your outfits at the night before

It happened all the time, how could you not be nervous when you realize your outfits are not right. Can your mode affect your photos? Yes, that is why you need to prepare at the night before. If you are having a business photo shoot. Think about what kind impression do you want to present to people? 

  • Know your good side.

We don’t all look equally good from all perspectives. Professional models know their best angles and seek to be photographed from certain directions. It helps to know which direction to face when you want to look your best. Sometimes those angles won’t be possible—like in an impromptu group photo. But if you’re posing for headshots or a formal shoot, go ahead and let your photographer know how you think you look best.

Whether you are a content creator or a Temptation who wants to succeed on Tempted or if you are a Fan looking for new experiences… We recommend that you follow Shannon Blake! She is fun, amazing and we love her Live Shows!

Stay tuned for our new posts and… Have a tempting day!

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