1, 2, 3… Sold! Share your Premium Content on your Clip Store!

How can you take advantage of your most exclusive content? By selling your hottest Galleries and Videos on your Clip Store! How can you earn more by selling your content? What kind of items should you upload to your Clip Store? Read on…

How does our Clip Store work?

This feature allows you to sell your spieciest content quickly and easily! After your Profile has been verified… The fun can begin!

Go to your Tempted Profile and in your left-side menu, you will find a section called Content Manager: Here you can post your hottest content. You can choose the price you prefer, from a minimum of 1€ up to a maximum of 500€.

Which price would I recommend? The final price depends on many criteria. For example, whether you have just started as a Temptation on Tempted, the quality of the content you are uploading, whether you have a high number of Followers on your Social Media. There is no right answer, every case is different! One thing is certain: The more explicit your content is, the higher the price can be!

Are you ready to press the Publish button? Make sure you have chosen a title that is interesting, catchy and tempting! This will certainly help you increase sales!

The Clip Store has been especially designed so that Temptations can treat their Fans by sharing with them their best NSFW content, but you are free to sell the type of content you prefer.

How can I promote the content of my Clip Store?

There are several ways to promote your Clip Store content. Combine them to be even more successful and increase your revenue!

An important part of your success on Tempted is also related to your Social Media promotion. When you post new content to your Tempted Profile, announce it on your Social Media! Your followers will be curious and will definitely want to know more!

Send a Broadcast Message to your Fans! This is the best way to notify them when you update your profile. Briefly describe the content you have uploaded and of course… Tell them to hurry up and go see it!

Remember that I am also here to help you promote your content… If you want, send me a message on Instagram (@temptedfans) and I’ll take care of the rest. I’m always here to help you when you need it and above all to make you more and more successful!

What else can I do with my Clip Store?

  • You can sell your Premium Content immediately or set the sale for another time, using the schedule option. This can be useful when you go on holiday, for example: Your profile will look active even when you’re not there!
  • You can sell content in which you appear alone as well as with other people. Simply add this person’s ID when you are about to upload this item to your Clip Store!
  • Do you want to reward your most special Fans? Remember that when you upload content to your Clip Store, you can also choose for it to be free for Fan+ users. A special gift that is sure to be appreciated!

We hope you enjoy our Clip Store as much as we do! This feature will help you improve your experience as a Temptation, increase your earnings and most importantly make your relationship with your Fans even stronger!

I can’t wait to see what content you upload to your Clip Store!

Have a tempting day,

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