Tempting Discovery: Taylor

Your favorite Romanian Temptation: Likes to paint, do yoga, relax after a long day… But most of all, she loves doing all these things together with you! We’re talking about Taylor: There’s so much to say about her. If you want to find out more, don’t miss this interview! Get to know Taylor together with us!


A few questions to break the ice

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Favorite movie/series: Always loved Marvel Movies and comedy movies. I love to laugh but I also love the excitement and emotions of a scary movie. 

Favorite book: Of all time, a Romanian author, “Invitation to waltz” by Mihail Drumes for example, too bad it’s not translated and Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Favorite hobby: Drawing, painting artsy stuff and any activity outdoors, hiking, running, taking my dog to all possible parks in Bucharest lol


Who is Taylor?

I’m a highly ambitious person with big dreams for my future. I love traveling and I can say I have seen quite a lot of my country but not just that, I have a few more countries on my list. I’m a compassionate person and I love making connections, get close to people. Some people might consider me grumpy or a bit bitchy… I guess that’s just my Scorpio attitude lol but I dare all of you to get to know me and I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love me. I’m very sexual and a tease when I notice someone is really into me: I love teasing people to the max and so far no one told me to stop haha!

What do you like most about your career as a Content Creator?

My No.1 will be : being my own boss, I kinda hate being ordered around so being a content creator gave me the chance to express myself and show my Fans who I really am. I’m not shy and I like to experiment new things so I love when I get suggestions or ideas from my Fans.

What is the Temptation Experience for you?

The Temptation Experience gives me the opportunity to get closer to my Fans, be more than a close friend and have that special place in their hearts as they have in mine. You have to make a connection and open up to them so this bond will become a special thing between me as a Temptation and them as more than just Fans. 


What can tempt you more?

A girl! I’m open to experimenting in all possible ways!

A funny or special story that you remember with a Fan

Here’s a recent one. A very dear Fan told me I’m beautiful even wearing a trash bag! We turned this into a fun experience and he challenged me to make something to wear, out of a trash bag, so I did it in a Live Show. I had so much fun!

What do you like the most about Tempted?

I love Tempted entirely for being the amazing platform that beats so many, I love all the features, mostly the Virtual Party Shows and the Clip Store.

Tell us a secret that your Fans don’t know yet!

Oh .. that’s so hard! My Fans know pretty much everything about me! But here’s something I’m not sure I mentioned: I like being dominated, blindfolded and expecting new sensations.

Finally, who would you love to do a Virtual Party Show with?

Any new girls that join Tempted, absolutely because I love connecting with new creators and sharing experiences! But on the top of my list is Samara because I think I will get some awesome belly dance moves from her. I would also choose Alana because some Fans told me they would love to see us working out together.

Did you already know Taylor or is this the first time you’ve met her on Tempted? Whatever your answer, run over and check out her Tempted Profile now: Oil games, try-on lingerie and more await you!

Stay tuned for our new posts and… Have a tempting day!


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