Safety first: Essential features to avoid online harassment

Discover some essential features designed to help you avoid online harassment effectively. In today’s digital age, the internet is a double-edged sword. While it offers unparalleled opportunities for content creators to share their work, build communities, and engage with audiences worldwide, it also exposes them to the darker side of online interactions, including harassment. For content creators, maintaining a safe and positive environment for themselves and their Fans is crucial.

Geo-blocking: Control your audience

Geo-blocking is a powerful tool that allows content creators to restrict access to their content based on geographical locations. This feature can be particularly useful in managing your audience and minimizing the risk of harassment. Here’s how it works:

  • Targeted access: By blocking certain regions, you can prevent users from areas known for high instances of harassment from accessing your content.
  • Customized experience: Geo-blocking enables you to tailor your content to specific audiences, ensuring that it reaches those who are most likely to engage positively.

Implementing geo-blocking can help you create a more controlled and safe online environment, reducing the chances of encountering harassment from certain regions.

Punishment: Timeouts for disruptive Fans

Another effective feature to mitigate online harassment is the ability to «timeout» disruptive users. This feature allows content creators to pause the conversation with a specific Fan temporarily. During the timeout period, the user has the choice to either pay a tip to unlock the waiting time and resume chatting immediately, or wait until the specified time set by the content creator expires to resume their conversation.

  1. Immediate action: Timeouts provide an immediate response to inappropriate behavior, essential to avoid online harassment in its tracks.
  2. Safety and income boost: This tool is invaluable for content creators as it effectively prevents online harassment and serves as an additional revenue stream, contributing to the creator’s income and platform sustainability.
  3. Maintaining control: By using timeouts, content creators can maintain control over their community, ensuring that discussions remain respectful and positive.

This feature empowers creators to address issues proactively, maintaining a healthy and welcoming environment for all users.

Seek additional support: Eve and our Customer Success Department

Despite having robust features like geo-blocking and timeouts, there may be instances where additional support is needed. In such cases, content creators can reach out for extra help:

  • Eve support: For immediate and personalized assistance, contacting Eve can provide you with tailored solutions to handle harassment effectively.
  • Customer Success Department: Our dedicated customer success team is always ready to help. Whether you need advice, technical support, or intervention, they are equipped to assist you in ensuring your online safety. Just send an email to

By leveraging these support channels, you can address any harassment issues comprehensively and swiftly, ensuring that your online presence remains secure and enjoyable.

Online harassment is a pervasive issue, but with the right tools and support, content creators can create a safer and more positive environment for themselves and their communities. Features like geo-blocking, timeouts, and access to dedicated support can make a significant difference in preventing and addressing harassment. Remember, your safety and well-being are paramount. Utilize these features to maintain control, foster a respectful community, and ensure a positive online experience for everyone involved.

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