Calling all adult content creators: You are welcome to Tempted!

The recent news about Onlyfans have created great confusion among creators of adult content. Lack of support, constant policy changes, and uncertainty about what will happen to adult content are putting the income of many sex workers and adult content creators in jeopardy.

Despite having been the real driving force behind the platform’s success, these users now feel the need to share their content on a platform that is not only safe but also that will continue to follow its philosophy without falling into the mainstream, leaving them on the side.

If you are an adult content creator looking for a safe place that takes care of you… Welcome to Tempted! This is the right time to make the leap from content creator to Temptation!

Find out more about Tempted!

Choose Tempted to monetize your NSFW Content!

Tempted is a content subscription platform where Temptations can interact with their Fans by offering them exclusive access to their content. You can post Pictures, Videos or broadcast Live Shows and Virtual Party Show – anything you like to get your Fans to know you and create a special bond with you. Joining Tempted is very simple: There are only two essential conditions. You must be of legal age and comply with our Content Policy. Are you in? Everyone is welcome on Tempted: We don’t care about your gender, race or sexual condition and you are free to post your content whenever you want!

What is the thing our Temptations love most about Tempted? The fact that they feel they are part of a constantly growing team that listens to them and uses their feedback to improve and develop new tools. Our team works hard to launch new features and improvements every month. If you’d like to propose something special or you have creative and original ideas, we’d love to hear from you! Your opinion matters and allows us to keep Tempted constantly updated.

We help you promote your content! 

We know that it can be difficult to make yourself known and reach a large number of Fans. That’s why we help you promote your Profile and your Live Shows. Once you have finished your registration and your Profile is complete, contact us on Instagram or by email: We’ll help you get known by our followers! They will be happy to meet you!

When you sign up for Tempted, you will find a very special friend on your Friend List: The Tempted Academy. Here you will find tips, guides, resources and tutorials to help you improve your Profile, build a strong relationship with your Fans, and of course to boost your incomes! On Tempted, you will never walk alone: We are always there to help you. 

You can always check our Tempted Blog: We post weekly articles about our brand-new features, we give advice and tips so that you can improve the visibility of your Profile and we introduce Temptations to our audiences. You’ll just have to tell us who you are, what you like to do, and some fun anecdotes about yourself! We’ll take care of the rest!

…And what about your income? 

On Tempted, you can earn money in many different way:

  • Subscriptions. Try to be active on Social Media and promote your Tempted Profile: Your followers will look forward to becoming your Fans!
  • Tips: Remember to interact with your Fans and always update your Profile. This will increase your chances of receiving Tips!
  • Clip Store: Sell your exclusive content on your Clip Store. You can select the price you prefer, choosing up to a maximum of $500. Upload exclusive Videos, Galleries and Photos and take advantage of this feature to increase your income.
  • Virtual Dates: Enjoy an intimate and private moment with your Fans… How much is a minute spent with you worth? Agree with your Fan on the price of your date and after receiving the Tip, send them the request to join you! Your Virtual Date can finally begin!
  • Tempting Wish: Close your eyes and think of something you really want! All you have to do is choose your Wishes, their value and your Fans can collaborate to help you fulfill them!
  • Fan+: Do you love chatting with your Fans and would you like to stay in touch with them? Fan+ allows you to receive a notification on your phone when a Fan sends you a message on Tempted and you are offline! We know that answering all messages is sometimes difficult, but this way you can reward your most special Fans!

Both us and your Fans are looking forward to seeing your NSFW content and helping you make the leap from Content Creator to Temptation! If you’re looking for an OnlyFans alternative fansite, you’ve come to the right place! We are more than a NFSW platform and you are more than just a Content Creator!

Stay tuned for our new posts and… Have a tempting day!

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    I love to try

  2. Fiestry says:

    I’ve never heard of Tempted before, but I’ll definitely have you on my list of potential sites. The Virtual Dates seem cute and interesting!

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