We are leaving to Naked & Uncut: Hedonism in 3..2..1

The most amazing time of the year is coming soon: We are almost ready to leave to Jamaica: A beautiful time at the Hedonism II Resort for the sexiest fun in the sun! Fasten your seat belts and hold on tight because Naked & Uncut: Hedonism is about to start!

3 amazing hosts will set off on this amazing adventure!

The first host of Naked & Uncut: Hedonism is Carey Riley: «The swinging MILF you wish lived next door». Don’t miss all her adventures with your girlfriends! Get ready to see all her behind scenes action from swinger parties, filming locations, webcam shows, and her private bedroom. Carey and her husband won the Best Amateur Release in 2014 based on the amazing content they create together. Without a doubt, everything becomes spicy and sensual with her!

Let’s continue with the presentations and talk about Elana Bunnz, «All natural blonde bombshell». She is a professional pretty Heaux, Playboy Playmate and Hustler published. There is nothing she hasn’t experienced, but maybe you could make her discover new things! She is now preparing to leave for Jamaica! Do you want to leave with this beauty?

But now let’s talk about the third… A special person, whom I am sure you have known for a long time! Laura Desirée «The big city kitty» will join Elana and Carey for this incredible adventure! She brings her unique brand of sexy, saucy and sassy to everything around her so what else we can say? We are looking forward to seeing you in Negril, Laura!

A reminder for you: Time is running out!

We started this beautiful adventure with a 4-week contest! They have been intense and full of participants, but now we are in the final part! There are only a few hours left until the end of the contest: This could still be your chance!  You just have a few hours left to join the contest and have the chance to live the best trip ever! The deadline is today (Friday, June 9) at 11.59pm EDT!

Next week we will announce the winners so don’t miss these last moments to join Naked & Uncut: Hedonism! Click here and find out how you can have the chance to win a trip to Jamaica!

Stay tuned for our new posts and… Have a tempting day!

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