Tempting Discovery: Kitty Quinn

Surely her face is not new to you: You may have already seen her in Playboy and Hustler Magazine! Did you know she was voted Playmate of the Month and Beaver of the Year? If, on the other hand, you still don’t know her, today you have the opportunity to learn more about Kitty Quinn: She loves Cosplay, being in front of the camera and of course… Playing with her body! But we won’t reveal anything else! Enjoy our chat with Kitty Quinn!

Some details about her:

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Favorite movie/series: Kill Bill, Star Wars, Harry Potter, LOTR, POTC, Conan the Barbarian, Glass Gordan, True Blood, & Vikings     

Favorite book: The Law of Attraction

Favorite hobby: Pole dancing!

Kitty Quinn

What do you like most about your career as a Content Creator?

What I love most about my career as a content creator is the freedom. The freedom to be myself COMPLETELY, the freedom, to have time with my kid, the freedom to create anything my heart desires.

What is the Temptation Experience for you?

For me it is the seduction, creativity, freedom and connection. On Tempted I get to talk to people one on one, I get to become actual friends with my online Fans. I also have the freedom to make any content I want. From my fun live shows I love so much, to pole dancing, or cumming. Whatever I am in the mood for that is what I get to do.

What can tempt you more?

Your desires can tempt me. I get so excited when I find out what your deepest secrets and truest desires are because it gets me SO excited. I feel so connected and on the inside, it makes me want to tease you with exactly what I know that can push your button.

What do you like the most about Tempted?

I like that Tempted records my Live Shows! None of my other cam sites have been able to do this without a manual recording. It is so easy to just stream and then log off to see my Live Show automatically added to my page, its great! I also love the Virtual Party Show feature that makes the shows more fun for sure.

Tell us a secret that your Fans don’t know yet!

I am getting a new boob job within the next year!

Finally, who would you love to do a Virtual Party Show with?

 I would love to do a Virtual Party Show with Marina Valmont!

There would be so much more to say about Kitty Quinn… But maybe it’s best if she tells you some of her secrets! This Blonde Babe also confessed to us that she can’t wait to talk to you and share all her crazy moments with you! Have fun together: Run to meet her in her Tempted Profile!

Stay tuned for our new posts and… Have a tempting day!


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