Tempting Discovery: Smokin’ Daisy

There is nothing more beautiful than a Temptation that is sweet and naughty at the same time! We’re talking about Smokin’ Daisy: She may look like the classic girl next door, but she hides a sensual side that can’t be tamed! As bright as the lights of Las Vegas, be seduced by her beauty and get to know her better in this latest blog post!

Some curiosities that will make her your summer crush!

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius. 

Favorite movie/series: My favorite movie is Man on Fire and my favorite series has been Ozark. Sad that it’s now over. 

Your favorite hobby: My favorite hobbies are gaming, smoking, and going to the gym.

Smokin’ Daisy

Who is Smokin’ Daisy?

I’m a Midwestern Girl that has moved to the glitz and glam of Vegas. I’m a gamer and I really love to smoke. I am definitely a sexual daredevil and I am always wanting to discover and try new things, which I like to explore during my Live Shows. I love to travel and really enjoy life! 

I may look like the Girl Next Door but soon you’ll discover that I’m just a naughty girl, who needs to be spanked. And spanked often. 

What do you like most about your career as a Content Creator?

I really love that I get to interact with my followers, be creative, and have fun. Being a content creator puts a smile on my face and I hope my Fans are smiling when they watch me. I love being my fun naughty self and I think my Fans will see that in my Live Shows and in the content that I create. 

What is the Temptation Experience for you?

I love that this platform is so interactive. One of my favorite things is to read and respond to the messages that my Fans send. I want this to be a fun and exciting experience for both of us, while we both get to explore my sexual side during my Live Shows. 

Smokin’ Daisy

What can tempt you more?

Getting requests from my Fans. I am a people pleaser… And pleasing you turns me on. 

What do you like the most about Tempted?

There’s so much! I love my Fans and I love being able to create content, and I’m also up to creating custom experiences, videos and galleries for my Fans. 

I also love that Temptations enjoy collaborating with one another. I am new to Tempted, so haven’t been able to work with too many, but I’m looking forward to future Virtual Parties and maybe even 1-on-1 with other Temptations. 

Finally, who would you love to do a Virtual Party Show with?

How can I choose? If I could narrow it down to 3, I would love to do a Virtual Party Show with Marina (she is gorgeous and I love her content), Samara (she looks like a really fun time!) and Frankie Kennedy (because the naughtier the better)!

Smokin’ Daisy is looking forward to making your acquaintance! Don’t keep her waiting! To win her heart, send her a message and let her know you appreciated this interview! She can’t wait to chat with you!

Stay tuned for our new posts and… Have a tempting day!


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