What is a Live Show and how can I start broadcasting

Welcome back to another tempting post on our Tempted blog! Do you already know what a Live Show is and how to broadcast on Tempted? We will tell you more in this last blog post.

What is a Live Show?

A Live Show is a Tempted feature that Temptations can use to connect with their audience. It’s a real-time streaming any content creator can use! It’s for sharing special moments with Fans. And that’s not all. Tempted Live Shows allow your audience to chat in real time, making it one of the most interactive tools on Tempted

How to prepare a successful Live Show on Tempted?

Promoting an upcoming Show regularly and strategically can make all the difference in terms of views. To do this, you could share Instagram Stories or preparing some Tweets detailing the time and date of when you’re going live and even use a countdown sticker to build anticipation around the event. On Tempted, you can send a broadcast message to all your Fans so they know in advance when your Live Show is about to start and you can add it to the Live Schedule section in the left-side menu!

Prepare your shows in advance so that you can choose the theme you like best. You can make hot cooking lessons, organize wild birthday parties or sexy painting sessions. Some Temptations let their Fans choose directly, posting polls on Instagram or Twitter and giving their audience several options to choose from!

Don’t overlook the importance of selecting the right backdrop for your Live Show. It’s worth taking a moment to clear out any potential sources of background noise and tidy up your surroundings. Your Fans deserve a top-notch experience!

Let the Live Show begin: How to get started

Beginning your broadcasting journey is as simple as a few easy steps:

To kick things off, head over to your Profile and locate the Live section in the left-side menu. Here, you’ll have the choice between two distinct modes: Public and Private.

Starting with the Public Mode, you can engage for the initial 10/15 minutes. This segment is perfect for involving both your existing Tempted Fans and your Social Media followers. Just remember, the content during this period should be SFW.

Once you’ve warmed up, seamlessly switch to the Private Mode. Here, it’s exclusively your Fans who can join the show. An intriguing twist: If you’ve aced the first 15 minutes of your Live Show, there’s a good chance that some of your followers will be convinced to hop on board as Fans themselves!

Whether you’re opting to cast a wider net at the outset or focusing on your dedicated Fans, the power is in your hands. It’s all about cultivating connections and delivering an unforgettable experience. Get ready to let your light shine!

The Ultimate Mini Guide about our Virtual Party Show

Start your first Virtual Party Show and interact with other Temptations! You can invite another Temptation to your Live Show and have fun together! The first step for starting a Virtual Party Show is to add the other Temptations to your Friend List: This requirement is mandatory to initiate a Virtual Party Show.

When you start a Live Show, the other Temptation will be able to send you a request to join you. When the request is accepted, the screen will automatically change to a split-screen view: Your Fans will see both of you going live and they will also be able to tip the other Temptation even if they are not subscribed to their Profile. 

Stay tuned to our new posts… And have a tempting day!

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