Meet Eila, Marina and Samara in person at EXXXOTICA Chicago!

Do you know what is happening today? One of the most important events within the adult content industry begins. If you follow us on our Social Media, you already know what we’re talking about. If not, we’ll tell you now! We’re talking about EXXXOTICA, an event that takes place in Chicago and that this year will run from the 29th of April to the 1st of May! But what is it all about? Find out in this article and know that this year we also have a surprise for you!

Before we start, we have a surprise for you!

EXXXOTICA EXPO is an annual three-day adult-themed event produced by 3XEvents. First held in 2006, it has featured some of the most recognized names in the adult industry, become a benchmark for companies in the sector!

This year there will be three names that will surely be familiar to you! Eila Adams, Marina Valmont and Samara will be at EXXXOTICA and can’t wait to meet all their Fans! All you have to do is register for the event and go to Booth #143 where they will be waiting for you. You can chat with them, take a selfie or get a personalized poster signed. In this case, please note that units are limited so… Run before you run out! This is a unique opportunity to spend a moment with them… So make sure you don’t miss it! We know that fans love interacting with them, exchanging messages, but nothing like being able to meet in person! The watchword here is not to be shy! Think of this as an exclusive, one-off moment so if you have yet to register for the event or still have any doubts… Don’t hesitate!

If you are an adult content creator who has not yet taken the leap to become a Temptation, sign up for our booth 143… You will have 100% revenue for the first 3 months! Eila, Marina and Samara will be happy to share their experience as Temptations (that’s what we call the content creators who join Tempted). They will tell you how we can help you gain notoriety on our platform, improve (in case you need it) your visibility on social media or how you can collaborate with other Temptations to increase your income!

So what about EXXXOTICA EXPO?

Held yearly in the US, EXXXOTICA features over 100 super-sexy vendors, wild live entertainment, non-stop educational seminars and over 150 top adult stars. This year, the first stop is Chicago and then on to Miami, Edison and finally Washington! It’s perfect for performers, fans, professionals and everyone else in the adult entertainment industry.

Do you want to get to know up close the Temptations that until now you have only been able to see on screen? Would you like to put on a live show and show off your talent as a dancer, burlesque artist, etc.? Or do you simply want to have a carefree moment and add a spicy touch to your life? Then EXXXOTICA EXPO is just the thing for you! As the event organizers say: «The entire event is an interactive experience that allows you to engage at your own personal comfort level. We expect you’ll come out of your shell a little… or a lot, depending on who you are, but it’s all in good fun!»

If you have not yet obtained your entry, click here to do so! We are waiting for you and look forward to getting to know you!

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