A Social Media presence can make you even more money

These days, social media is everything and still really good promotion for almost anything. Using Twitter and IG and building a following will definitely make a difference in how much money you make on platforms like Tempted. And although it’s not required, it’s highly suggested you use social media to promo yourself. You’re responsible for bringing your own traffic to your Tempted page. If you’re not on social media and building a following, you won’t get the number of subscribers you’d like.

Social media is the best way to promote yourself, and it’s free. But, it will require you put some time into it daily and post to IG (stories and/or posts) and Twitter. This could be an hour a day or even less. Maybe pick a specific time to tend to your social media accounts each day. It’s also essential to engage with your fans/followers, but you can use a scheduling app like TweetDeck, Sprout, Buffer, or Hootsuite for some of it. This allows you to set time ahead over a span of a few days, a week, or more of posts. Even if someone is a subscriber already, it’s good to use social media to promo a new video, photoset, or even a live show. It will keep them engaged and subscribed.

If you don’t already have a Twitter or IG account, here are some tips and tricks. First, pick a name/handle that’s easy to identify and find you. You can use stage name, or a twist on it. For example, creator Ray Ray uses @rayofsunshine_529 for her IG, and her Twitter is @ray_ray_xxx. And be very careful of adult content on both. On Twitter, you can’t have any nudity in your avatar or header. Your Tweets can have content that’s clothed, topless, naked, or implied nudity. With IG, no nudity is allowed (well unless you’re a celeb like Kim Kardashian). Also, you can’t post links to your Tempted or other adult content on IG. Get an AllMyLinks or similar page and use that for the link in your IG bio to get around that. You can put any links you want on AllMyLinks—most people put their premium social media (like Tempted) and regular social media (like Twitter, IG, Reddit, etc.). You can also use AllMyLinks for your Twitter bio or just list your Tempted page. Check it out at allmylinks.com.

Reddit is another good social media tool to use in addition to Twitter and Instagram. Reddit allows adult content. Open an account and a subreddit to start your own topics. You can also comment on other people’s subreddits, but be careful to follow their rules. Reddit is used by many creators and is also a great tool for engagement and obtaining subscribers. Get started at reddit.com.

You can ask other creators/influencers to give you a shoutout or even a RT or repost on their Twitter and/or Insta pages. Pick someone who has a ton of followers, and their fans might sign up for your Tempted page if that model tells them to. This can a paid or unpaid thing or even a trade, depending on your relationship with the other model.

If you’re feeling creative, you can also do some promotions on Tik Tok, Snapchat, or even YouTube. These sites all take more effort to promote on, and you have to be careful how you mention adult types of content. Make sure to check their TOS for what you can and can’t do.

Social media can be your key to making bank on your Tempted account. So, build your following, use your social media accounts regularly, and engage your fans for the maximum effect. 

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