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Experiencing access issues? Our customer service team is here to assist you!

Note: For technical, membership, and all other site related issues you can email us support@tempted.com. But, before you do so, please visit Help Portal. We have listed and have provided answers to some of the most common issues our customers encounter.

The Tempted.com Support Department responds to ALL requests for help. However, some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as AOL and RoadRunner, as well as some email sites, may block or divert our replies to you because the word "Temptation" sets off their spam detector programs.

If you do not get a timely reply to your question, please check your email program's spambox, trash box, and anywhere else it might have been diverted. You may also want to contact your ISP's email administrator and request that they make sure that our email is allowed to get to you.

We do not spam our members or anyone else, and some tempted.com Fans have missed important Support messages because of these actions.

Help us improve tempted.com. We would love to hear from you!

We are always working to make Tempted.com exactly what you need. Your feedback helps us decide which features to build and what improvements should be made to our platform. To help us make tempted.com the best it can be, we would need tour help. Please take a few moments to tell us about your experience on tempted.com simply by sending us an email at feedback@tempted.com.